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Overseas Teachers

Your qualifications must be recognised and given a UK equivalent. The best people to talk to about this are NARIC (the National Academic Recognition Information Centre). They can give you further information regarding your qualifications and their equivalent in the UK. They will give you a letter which you can produce as proof of your qualifications.

Four Year Rule
OTTs from outside the EEA are able to teach in England as a temporary teacher for up to four years without the need to gain (QTS) Qualified Teacher Status.

QTS – In order to work as a permanent, qualified teacher in England or to continue working as supply teacher after 4 years from the first date you taught in England, it is essential you gain QTS.  For more information visit:

If you are not a citizen of an EU member state you will need a current working visa or work permit to teach in the UK. This must be arranged prior to your arrival.

Further information on UK work permits can be obtained through their Home Office website or the British High Consulate in your home country:

If you are interested in teaching in England, please have a look at the website. This site will be helpful in providing information and advice on: your existing qualifications, how to obtain work permits, visas and qualified teacher status (QTS), criminal records checks, how to apply for a post and what to bring with you.